Messrs Shobana Linda & Partners is a boutique legal firm that provides services to both corporate entities and individuals. The firm specializes in General Litigation, encompassing a broad range of areas such as Banking, Land, Construction, and Contract disputes. Additionally, the firm offers Conveyancing services that cover sub-sale, transmission, transfer, and loan documentation. Moreover, the firm's expertise extends to Drafting and vetting contracts, including commercial tenancies and Joint Venture Agreements.

Further, our firm strongly advocates up-skilling and therefore we sponsor and encourage our Legal Associates to attend Continued Professional Development Seminars /Forum /Talks

With an unwavering commitment to providing tailored solutions, Messrs Shobana Linda & Partners is well-positioned to offer quality legal services to its clients. The firm's dedication to excellence, coupled with its vast experience, make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a conducive and effective environment to establish their careers.
Legal Associate
Legal Assistant / Associate
Full Time/Permanent
2 - 5 Year(s)
Professional Qualification
Our firm is currently seeking associates to fill two positions within our team as follows: -

Legal Associate (Litigation).
� To attend e-reviews, Case Management, and/or Hearings.
� To assist Partners in trials. Additionally, they must be capable of drafting and preparing cause papers and legal opinions while conducting research.
� The ideal candidate should be able to attend to clients professionally.

Legal Associate (Conveyancing).
� Possess the ability to draft, review, and negotiate contracts, agreements, and other legal documentation related to corporate and commercial matters.
� Able to manage to oversee all aspects of conveyancing works independently, from initiation to completion (e.g., sub-sales, loan, discharge, the perfection of charge, perfection to transfer). The ideal candidate should be able to provide legal advice and guidance to clients on regulatory compliance matters, particularly those affecting financial institutions.
� A minimum of two (2) years of PQE
� Possess good interpersonal and communication skills.
� Able to read and write in English and Bahasa Malaysia
� Ability to work independently, demonstrate initiative, and work collaboratively in a team
� Responsible and Productive

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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