eLawyer Recruitment
Our client is a world-renowned fintech company.

They are looking to hire Legal Tech Product Operation who will work with global business teams.

This role is on 2 years contract and is renewable subject to mutual agreement. This contract will be between you and eLawyer's sister's company (TTR).
Legal Tech Product Operation (MNC / Mandarin)
In House
Telecommunications / Technology
Part Time/Temporary/Contract
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
5 - 10 Year(s)
Professional Qualification
1. Responsible for the operation of the Company International Legal Technology Platform products (including contract platform, online agreement platform, review platform, digital asset center, legal AI platform, etc.);

2. Based on user needs insights, develop operational strategies and implement them to enhance product usage and activity;

3. Based on the concept of data-driven operation and product usage data, establish an analysis framework and system from a business perspective, gain insight into business health, promote business efficiency improvement, and manage risks;

4. Collect user feedback on product usage, drive product optimization, and continuously improve product experience and business process efficiency.
1. Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 5 years of product operation experience, familiar with legal technology products is preferred; OR lawyer who have in-house working experience are keen to venture into legal tech operation role is also encourage to apply.

2. Familiar with the user behavior analysis of platform products, able to discover user behavior patterns through data analysis and propose optimization suggestions;

3. Possess good communication skills in both English and Chinese, and be able to fluently communicate and write documents in both Chinese and English;

4. Possess strong learning and problem-solving abilities, and be able to adapt to fast-paced work environments.

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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