Isadora & Associates
Messrs. Isadora & Associates is a Malaysian law firm based in Cyberjaya that is relatively new but dedicated to providing high-quality, solution-oriented legal services to our clients. We take pride in offering our clients legal services at the highest standards. Besides our two main areas of general civil litigation and conveyancing, our legal services include corporate agreements, small estate claims, powers of attorney, entertainment law, and Sports law.
Corporate Lawyer
Legal Assistant / Associate
Corporate / M&A / Commercial
Full Time/Permanent
Selangor, MALAYSIA
3 - 7 Year(s)
Bachelor Degree
1. With a minimum of 3 years of experience in a related field
2. Providing legal advice on all matters relating to corporate and commercial matters (i.e., business advisory, cross-border transactions, and others)
3. Drafting agreements and assisting clients with negotiations to conclude transactions (i.e., joint venture, investment, shareholder, importer and exporter, venture capitalist, and others)
4. To attend to all matters related to corporate practice, foreign direct investment, and incorporation of businesses
1. Able to work independently
2. Able to handle multiple tasks at any given time and complete entrusted tasks within the requisite time.
3. Strong command of English (spoken and written).
4. Able to work under pressure, be committed, and meet a tight deadline
5. The ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients and stakeholders
6. A good working attitude, being self-motivated with initiatives and responsibility, and being a good team player
7. Excellent research skills
8. Able to fit into a vibrant and energetic office culture
9. Able to make sound decisions and legal opinions

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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