Volkswagen Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Legal and Compliance Officer
Compliance Professional
Full Time/Permanent
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
3 - 4 Year(s)
Bachelor Degree
The Legal and Compliance ("LC") Officer of VGM has adequate knowledge on Compliance, is employed on a level adequately to the roles and responsibilities (lead level) and implements and monitors a preventive Compliance Management System ("CMS") in VGM. The position includes independent advice of management and departments in VGM, targeted trainings for employees regarding legal and internal requirements to prevent corruption, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and business human rights. The position includes the implementation of the three lines model to assure that the Compliance culture is rooted in VGM.

VGM's LC Officer has the duty to set the content of the respective integrity strategy as well as to ensure the conception and implementation of the sustainable anchoring of integrity. The tasks of VGM's LC Officer are to anchor a culture of integrity, to impart competences for integrity behavior to managers and employees, to bring about decisions in relevant bodies taking integrity into account. VGM's LC Officer establishes integrity internally and externally as a recognized value driver to prevent financial, legal or reputational damage to VGM.

VGM's LC Officer ensures the implementation and maintenance of an appropriate Risk Management and Internal Control System ("RMS/ICS") within VGM. He/She is responsible for the implementation and execution of appropriate Risk Management processes within VGM. The LC Officer regularly reports on key risks, status of mitigation and control activities as well as weaknesses to the management and other relevant committees within VGM and the Volkswagen Group.

Roles and Responsibilities
1. Leading VGM's Compliance, Risk, Integrity and Governance organization.
2 Participation in implementing of Integrity, Risk and Compliance in the area of responsibility.
3 Reporting (regular and ad-hoc) of relevant issues to next Compliance/Risk level accountable and relevant boards; first contact person is the next Compliance/Risk level accountable.
4. Promote that any hints on potential Compliance violations are handled properly and directed to the appropriate channels (e.g. Whistleblower Hotline, Investigation Office, VGM Helpdesk)
1. Establishment, monitoring and improvement
a. Establishment and self-responsible management of an effective and efficient CMS and RMS/ICS at VGM in alignment with next levels accountable (including an adequate Compliance organization (if applicable)), as well as localization of the Group's Integrity strategy.
b. Ongoing monitoring, assessment and effective as well as efficient improvement of Compliance and Ethic programs in area of responsibility; independent monitoring and development of improvements of the CMS.
c. Independent advice regarding Compliance and Integrity questions to senior management and board(s) of VGM, as well as to employees in IRC Officer's field of responsibility

2. Support and reporting
a. Conduct Compliance tasks required by external parties (auditors, etc.) and next Compliance level accountable; first contact person is the next Compliance level accountable.
b. Representation of VGM regarding topics of Compliance and Integrity with regards to internal and external contact persons.
c. Decision on Integrity and Compliance-related issues in complex business operations, which might have material impact for VGM.

3. Communication and training
a. Developing and/or localizing training programs on core Compliance, Integrity and Risk topics, and delivering to VGM employees.
b. Developing and/or localizing communication strategies and content on core Compliance, Integrity and Risk topics, and delivering to VGM employees.
c. Delivering training on anti-corruption to VGM's external business partners.

4. Business Partner Due Diligence ("BPDD")
a. Conducting the Compliance Review role in Sales BPDD; conducting Compliance dialogues with Sales business partners (if required).
b. Supporting Procurement colleagues with any required Compliance Review for BPDD

5. Whistleblower System-related
a. Handling Other Regulation Violations, including investigations and liaising with HR re: sanctions.
b. Supporting the Central Investigation Office with any queries re: VGM-related hints received centrally and Supporting VGM's MD with Root Cause Analysis for substantiated Serious Regulatory Violations

6. Risk
a. Determining the scope of the Group risk management processes for the individual business units within VGM.
b. Guide the involved business units through the processes for RMS/ICS, and track business with delays in implementing additional mitigating actions.
c. Implement and support root cause analysis and learning (RCA/LL) processes in accordance with VGM Policy No.11 in the area of responsibility.

Degree - Field/Major - Law, business administration or similar university degree

Work Experience
3 - 4 years - Experience in law, risk management, audit and/or Compliance or similar areas within an international industry company, law firm/attorney's office or audit company

Skills and Knowledge Level (Low, Mid, High)
1. Strong knowledge and expert 'know-how' of relevant international and national laws - mid
2. Several years' experience with Compliance, ideally within an international environment - mid
3. Clear understanding of finance, audit and investigation processes or experience in audit companies - low

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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