eLawyer Recruitment
Our client is a reputable telco company looking for a Regulatory Specialist to be part of their legal team.

Why should you apply for this role:
1. Attractive remuneration
2. To build and enhance career as a regulatory specialist
3. To be part of the fast growing company
Regulatory Specialist
In House
Compliance/Regulatory,Personal Data Protection,Telecommunications / Technology
Full Time/Permanent
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
7 - 15 Year(s)
Professional Qualification
1. Strategy & Policy Support
- Support policy & research (eg Fixed Number Portability support, Spectrum positions, Emerging issues, Regulatory Costing).
- Support lobbying information packs for use by the Regulatory department & CEO

2. MCMC Surveys & Special Projects (ITU, Special Audits, Surveys)
- Lead mid sized regular MCMC surveys
- Special projects (eg Jendela special promotions, packages)
- MCMC Public Consultations

3. USP monitoring
- Program management on sections of Clawback projects for timely implementation (eg Fixed rollout)
- USP tender assessment, analysis and submission
- Policies relating to and impacting USP - eg MOCN/MORAN RAN share, 3G sunset

4. MCMC State Engagement
- Manage operational matters relating to MCMC State Offices eg: coverage complaints (VIP, high profile, socmed), site audits, AA audits
- Engage MCMC State Offices on network matters eg: cost of doing business (permits, OSA fees, wayleaves, JKR, power)
1. We are looking for someone who specialized in regulatory policy work, in areas of access, spectrum, content and consumer issues per CMA98.

2. The candidate must be capable of doing effective engagement with Regulator and Ministry.

3. Key external interactions
- Regulatory counterparts in other operators (CDMU)
- Working level Regulatory counterparts in MCMC

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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