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Our client is a US based MNC. Their office in Malaysia has an opening for candidate with corporate secretarial experience.

Purpose of this role:
To be the Company's Global Subsidiary Supervisor and undertake the duties of the Records Manager globally in accordance with the Group of Company's Subsidiary Procedures. Additional responsibilities for the Legal & Compliance Department include, but are not limited to: uploading of historic executed documents to the Legal & Compliance team document repositories; uploading and removal of documents on the Legal & Compliance page on intranet; the production of training materials and implementation of Legal Holds.
Corporate Governance Paralegal (MNC)
Company Secretary
Corporate Secretarial
Full Time/Permanent
Selangor, MALAYSIA
2 - 4 Year(s)
Professional Qualification
Subsidiary Management Supervisor
- Undertake the duties of the Records Manager globally in accordance with the Group's Subsidiary Procedures. Coordinating documents to be submitted to external company secretary, who currently act as the third party Corporate Secretary for Group's Subsidiaries globally.

- Undertake the duties of the company Subsidiary Supervisor in accordance with the Group's procedures working closely with the APAC Subsidiary Records Manager to report up to the Group on Records Management globally for the company.

- Work with the external company secretary to ensure all Subsidiary Management is maintained in accordance with the Group's procedures.

Uploading of documents to Contracts Repositories and Legal & Compliance page on the intranet

- Work with the Company Operations & Technology Officer and the business to identify existing executed contracts which are still effective ('Legacy Contracts') and upload them to the Legal & Compliance team document repositories.

- Collaborate with IT to migrate executed NDAs from their existing library to the central Contracts SharePoint Repository.

- Work with the Company Legal Operations & Technology Officer on the updating of the Legal & Compliance department pages on the Company intranet ensuring documents are easily identifiable, regularly updated, with appropriate security access controls in place which are regularly reviewed.

Document Retention Policies and Legal Holds
- Manage document retention within the SharePoint Repository and ensure destruction of all contracts following expiry of the retention period.

- The Company Regional Document Retention policies to be reviewed (updated where required) and reissued on a regular basis.

- Implement and follow standard work processes for litigation holds.

- Work with the Company Legal Operations &Technology Officer on the Management of the Mendix legal and compliance department contracts management system (Pall Contracts Connect) and the document retention repositories on Sharepoint.

- Prepare in-house training on legal and compliance topics to business teams as requested.

- Prepare presentation materials for in-house training or as requested by Company attorneys.

- Provide support to the Company Attorneys, on a as needed basis, on simple contract review work in accordance with the Company�s Contract Review Procedure.

- Special projects or additional duties as requested by APAC General Counsel and the Company attorneys.
Ideal candidate should have:

1. 2 to 3 years of company secretarial or corporate governance experience

2. good command of English and communication skill

3. experience in working with people from different countries will be perfect but not a must

(candidate with law degree will be perfect but not a must)

(Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted, only open to Malaysian)

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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