We are a small sized firm. Doing a variety of work. However bulk of the work is on litigation/running down matters. We are based in Menara Mutiara Bangsar and between 2 LRT stations. About 10 minutes walk. There is a food court here and also in NST (beside us). Security is good and no reports of any mishaps.
Litigation Clerk and Admin Clerk
Support Staff
Full Time/Permanent
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
0 - 3 Year(s)
1. Litigation Clerk.
We are looking for a litigation clerk mainly for Insurance cases ie. Plaintiff work. Experience will be essential.
Job Scope: Opening Of Files, Obtaining documents from relevant authorities, preparation Of summons, notice of applications, bundles, witness statements, subpoena, judgments others not mentioned here

2. Admin Clerk.
We are looking for somebody to take care of the affairs of the office and help out with the workload of the support staff.
Job Scope: Candidate will be in charge of day to day affairs of the firm including answering phone calls, managing the office affairs like stationary, accounts/finance and pay roll. and also other duties not mentioned here
Litigation clerk:
Experience is essential.

Admin Clerk:
Working experience is advantages
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