At Akmal Shamsul Kahar & Co, we are always developing the potential of our people by providing as much training and support for our lawyers, trainees & staffs. We recognize the importance of knowledge, skills, self-development, hard work and determination in becoming a world class legal firm.
Legal Assistant / Associate
Part Time/Temporary/Contract
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
6 - 8 Year(s)
Bachelor Degree
1. With minimum 6 years experience in related field
2. To lead general & civil litigation team independently and effectively
3. To conduct trial independently
4. Prepare all documents required to file cases effectively and independently
5. Attending and maintain good relationship with clients
1. Proven experience in relationship management and a demonstrated ability to lead the general & civil litigation team and develop talents that subsequently drive value across the business.
2. Successful experience creating departmental priorities that align strategic direction of the general & civil litigation department and the overall business objectives
3. Exceptionally good communication which will especially be necessary in this leadership position.
4. Clear communication of instructions and information down the line will significantly determine the performance and efficiency of the junior lawyers
5. Must be a result-driven and service-driven individual, must have exceptionally good problem solving skills, be highly adaptable and flexible, work comfortably in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
6. Able to fit with vibrant and energetic office culture
7. The salary is based on experience.

This position is only open to Malaysian citizens.

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