Khor & Rafidah
Marketing Lawyer
Legal Assistant / Associate
Construction,Conveyancing,Corporate / M&A / Commercial,Litigation,Property
Full Time/Permanent
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
0 - 20 Year(s)
Professional Qualification
Seeking for lawyers who are desirous of starting their own firm and/or lawyers who are struggling with rental and maintenance cost of their current firm. We have the resources and support staff in helping you to achieve this goal and to get through this ordeal. We are also looking for lawyers who have a strong client-tele with bankers, agents, developers and/or any other clients who are able to bring in files to
the firm.
There is no ceiling cap for your remuneration and it shall be based on protit sharing with our rm depending on the number of files you bring in.
Lawyers who have the ambition to set up their own firm
Lawyers who are struggling to keep their current firm afloat
Lawyers who have the desire to have an uncapped salary
Strong network with bankers, agents, developers and/or any other clients
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