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1. How will my website look like?

Your website will be designed based on the template which you have selected from our Design Gallery. As website content will vary from client to client, it may be desirable to modify the template layout slightly to cater for your content. This means that your website may look slightly different from the template chosen to take into account your unique content and information.

2. Can I make modifications to the design layout or color scheme?

You may request to make minor modifications but we reserve the right to determine whether or not to do the modifications. Generally we would oblige if the requested modifications are not complex.

3. What do I need to do if I'm thinking of getting a website?

To build your website, you will need to compile some content and we can assist you to do this if necessary. Once the content is ready, we will help you insert into the chosen design and your website will be ready in the shortest possible time.

4. What type of content do I need to compile?

Content can usually include information contained in the following web pages: Home, About Us, Services, Partners/Associates, Services, as well as photos of your law firm. After you place your order and send us your content, our Project Manager will be in contact with you to help fine tune and organize your content.

5. How much content can I put into each web page?

There is theoretically no limit to how much content you can put into one web page. A good rule of thumb is around one-third (1/3) of an A4 page. If you try to squeeze too much into one page, then your website may not be reader-friendly as users have to scroll a long way down to read your content.

6. How many images or photos can I place in each web page?

We allow up to 5 photos for each site. If you need more than this, please let us know in the Remarks section when you place your order. Our Project Manager will contact you to evaluate your needs so that we can provide you with a solution. There may or may not be additional charges. In addition, we can also arrange professional photographer to go to your office to take customized photos with extra charges.

7. What sort of quality can I expect from you?

eLawyer's web solutions are offered in alliance with Netallianz.com one of Malaysia's leading web design houses. View Netallianz's web portfolio.

8. What happens after I place my order?

Our Project Manager will be in contact within 48 hours of your order. If all your content and payment is in order, your draft website can generally be completed within seven working days. You will need to make sure that you provide us with all the content you wish to include in your website, including photos and certificates if any.

9. Can you come out to my office to see me?

After you place an order, we can process it, perform our services and deliver to you online without having to come to your office if all your content is properly compiled. However if you prefer us to visit you to help you compile your content and discuss your project, we are happy to do so also. In such cases, we would charge an extra RM150 per visit within KL and PJ area to cover travel cost.

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