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Criminal Law Q&A
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 Area of Law: Criminal Law
Dear eLawyer,

Hi,Iím a student and my father is a contractor.He currently have a lot of project with him.Recently,a lot of his friend(i not sure those are my father friends,colleagues or sub-contractor) came to my house and wanted to meet my father but the way they approached my house is like the feeling of wanted to destroy my house by hitting the door like mad.

At that time,i was at home alone n told them my father not at home.Suddenly,they became very angry and straight away broke my house windows and tried to damage the door to enter the house.They also warned me if i not let them in they will burn my house and gave me 1 hour to contact my father.At that time i was so scared and donít know what to do but i managed to call 999.

Unfortunately,their angry is at the peak and start to kick the door and i hang up the call.They also said they not afraid of enforcement.So,i call my father but to no avail.Then i called my brother and let my brother spoke to them.My brother said to them if business related they need to settle it with my father instead of come to my house to threaten me.After that,my brother asked me to let them in.

When i let them in they searched my house and wanted to take away all my properties such as my laptop,computer,etc.So,i beg them not to take anything and they agreed with condition my father need to settle Ďthe thingsí which i donít know with them else they will come again to break my legs and take away my things.In the end,my brother and i wnet to police station to make a police report for cover(safety measure).

My question is if:

1)i wanted to sue them but will i win?

2)If they were not sentence to jail and this will definitely make them even more angry and of course will cause them to come to my house again.At that time what i should do then since the 1st time i called 999 and the police arrived quite late(police arrived after they went away during the 1st time)?

3)How to sue them?
HUNG SHEN WEI from Selangor

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