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Family Law Q&A
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 Area of Law: Family Law
My name is Diana. I wish to have your advise for the matter of i'm applying divorce at my hometown for me and my husband. I was wondering whether what i'm doing is correct and are not wasting my time.

I have been separated with my husband for 1 and half years. I apply divorce on Sept 2007 but he not willing to sign. So it needs to separate 2 years until then only can apply to court arrangement.

I had moved to another place and start working and independant without bring together with my daughter. 1st reason is i'm not able to taking care of her on my own as i just start working and don't have any relative or friends at here to rely on. 2nd reason is my husband hide her at somewhere without my notice. He refuse to let me look after her even visit her. After begging and begging, he finally agree to let me visit her after we seperate for half year. With his agrees, i can visit her every 3 months when i go back.

So if one day on court, do i have the chances to win back my child custody as i now at least have a stable income and on the mean time, my husband doesn't. As i know, he seems don't have a stable income and now also delays his housing loan and car loan. And he arrange my kid 24 hours stay at baby sitter house and only go visit her once he is free. I don't think that is good for her.

I had discuss with him before to arrange either i move back to take care my kid or my mum also can help me look after her. But he always refuses us.

So i just wondering, if i currently not stay besides my kid and look after her, will it influences the judge decision on court? Because the salary of my hometown quite low and less job opportunity, so that is why i continue to work at here. But if my husband agree to let me look after her then only i will move back. This i willing to do(doesn't mean back to him). I felt that this is unfair for my daugther as my husband always travelling and busy with his association stuff while he don't have a stable income already. I can't see any future if my daughter under his guardian.

Please give me an advise as I'm so scare to lost my kid and don't what i'm doing now will help or not.

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 Area of Law: Family Law
Serene Tan from Outside Malaysia

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 Area of Law: Family Law
Tim Ding from Selangor

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 Area of Law: Family Law
Need_advice from Perak

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